Diverse Publisher launches new graphic novel line

October 24, 2018

DIVERSE MANGA BRAND, SATURDAY AM, LAUNCHES GRAPHIC NOVELS ON KICKSTARTER!Saturday AM is a digital magazine that publishes diverse artists from all over the world who create comics in the popular Japanese "manga" style.  Having launched in 2013,  global readers have gravitated to the teenage-oriented brand thanks to original characters like CLOCK STRIKER (aka Cast, a black teenage girl who dreams of being a SMITH, a cross between an engineer and a ninja) as well as up and coming creators like WHYT MANGA (a crowd-pleasing Nigerian artist with a large social media following).Saturday AM has been one of the earliest and most vocal proponents of better representation for this type of comic book. Their heroes, like the real world, come from various ethnicities, nationalities, genders, and orientations. With fans from the USA to China, Brazil to France, and many more countries, Saturday AM...

Do you know how much time your workforce actually spends on the job they are hired to do?

October 23, 2018

New studies confirm what you have always suspected- that a large chunk of your top talent spends time on basic tasks than the duties they were hired to perform. Especially rampant in market research, over 45% of the companies are paying their most talented and experienced data scientists to do jobs that a software will do better. Even Coca-Cola made a $50 million mistake with the market research that resulted in their , the iconic brand’s ill-fated venture. Recent studies suggest that more and more brands are making the same mistake of misspending market research budgets. [source credit: ]Apparently, it isn’t enough that you have an impressive budget set aside for market research. It also matters how you spend it. A illuminated that top data scientists in more than 45% of the companies are wasting their time on trivial tasks better automated. Even the expert data analysts were found to spend their time not analyzing data but preparing the data to be analyzed. This...

PropertySend’s Commercial Real Estate Emails Now Reach 120K Buyers and Brokers

October 23, 2018

Property send continues to change the way real estate transactions are initiated by further extending the reach of its commercial real estate marketplace. The company now offers the ability to email 120,000 commercial real estate buyers, brokers, agents, owners, and developers.“We’re extremely excited about reaching this new milestone in our ongoing efforts to provide better services to our clients,” said William Young, General Manager at PropertySend. “From the very beginning, our goal has been to develop a more effective way to market a property than just placing a listing on a website. No one should have to just wait for a buyer to stumble across their property. Our huge email list makes it possible to take a more active role in this process.”PropertySend is currently sending more than 750 million emails per year to brokers and buyers through a well-tested and reliable sending infrastructure. Each can be created using one of the company’s templates, a custom...

Alan McGowan selected as Top Science and Technology Expert of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP)

October 23, 2018

Alan H. McGowan, Educator of The New School, has just recently been selected as Top Science and Technology Expert of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for his outstanding leadership and commitment to Environmental Studies.  While inclusion with the International Association of Top Professionals is an honor in itself, only a few members in each discipline are chosen for this distinction. These special honorees are distinguished based on their professional accomplishments, academic achievements, leadership abilities, longevity in the field and other affiliations and contributions to their communities.  All honorees are invited to attend the IAOTP’s annual award gala at the end of this year for a night to honor their achievements.  With over 5 decades of professional experience as a noted Educator and Scientist, Mr. McGowan has certainly proven himself as an expert in the field.As a dynamic, results-driven leader, Mr....

Fashion Industry Favorite FLOOM Brings Its Same Day Online Artisanal Flower Delivery Experience Stateside

October 23, 2018

Independent artisans. Unrivaled quality. Seamless service. Beginning October 23rd online flower delivery experience will launch its same day service in Los Angeles, following on from NYC earlier this year, and with more cities to follow.  Founded in London in 2016 by Paris-born and Bali-raised former fashion creative Lana Elie, Floom is the go-to for flower source for style arbiters such as Conde Nast, Glossier and L'Oréal, celebrities including Calvin Harris, Kate Moss, Shia LaBeouf, and The XX, and has been featured in , and . “Floom is the product of my life-long love of flowers and the frustration that the floral industry didn’t have a beautifully curated, easy to use service that brought together all the amazing florists operating under the radar of most people,' says Elie.  Floom is a VC-backed start-up on a mission to become the most-trusted place to send extraordinary flowers from the best independent florists...

Dusk Network welcomes the Block Venture Coalition as a Strategic Partner!

October 23, 2018

We are proud to announce our partnership with BlockVenture Coalition (BVC).About BlockVenture Coalition (BVC)The is the largest alliance of university blockchain groups and venture money in the world (41 university/research groups, 44 blockchain specific VCs). Their mission is to connect high potential blockchain companies with the resources they need to excel, while spurring inter-university collaboration. They have deep media connections, exchange relationships, and currently come across 5–6 blockchain startups a day (which will bolster the STO Incubator project flow). The Dusk Network has a very strong academic component?—?our whitepaper is a formalized academic proof, and many of our other research compendia and partners are following the highest level of academic R&D standards. It’s important to stay on top of the latest research coming out of universities?—?Dusk will do this through the BVC.

Moran Insurance Adds Another Florida Agency In Saint Augustine, Fl

October 23, 2018

Moran Insurance is pleased to announce the acquisition of Benchmark Insurance Agency, LLC of Saint John’s County, www.benchmarkins.com, based in Saint Augustine, Florida.  Benchmark Insurance Agency, LLC has been serving the state of Florida and St. Augustine for more than 5 decades.  With over 54 years of experience in personal and commercial lines insurance, Benchmark offers in depth knowledge and service with a smile.  As an Independent Agency, Benchmark represents a wide range of carriers, allowing them to customize insurance to fit each of their customers’ unique needs.  This distinct customization allows Benchmark to offer their customers the best insurance available for the best price and develop a trusting, long-lasting relationship.  Benchmark Insurance Agency, LLC offers Saint Augustine, Florida Insurance quotes:General Liability InsuranceCommercial...

U.S. CAD Earns Multiple Bluebeam Awards Including North America Partner of the Year

October 23, 2018

U.S. CAD announced today it has earned the 2018 North America Partner of the Year award from Bluebeam, Inc., a leading developer of innovative technology solutions for the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries. The company also garnered an award for top year-over-year growth at the Platinum level. These awards were presented during the 2018 Bluebeam Partner Summit, held September 17-19 during the annual Bluebeam Extreme Conference. News facts: U.S. CAD secured the 2018 Partner of the Year award through outstanding...

International Afro-pop Artist 2KEE releases captivating new music!

October 22, 2018

2KEE’s latest music video called “DIME BABY” will have you intrigued from start to finish! Since February 2017, International Afro-pop Sensation, 2KEE has released about 5 high definition, classic, & buzz worthy music videos.  He is the only Liberian-born artist that has the most professional music videos more than any other Liberian artist & most Independent African or American Artist.  2KEE’s song, “FOREVER ONE” was also selected as the number 1 music video on the Top 100 Liberian Music Videos in February 2017.   Fast forward to now, 2KEE is breaking barriers and forcing the entire music industry to respect his work, African culture, and his natural God giving talent.   His latest music video gift to the world...

Michael Ace Smith Launches Limited-Time Offer on his Crime Thrillers with Special $0.99 Price

October 21, 2018

Michael Ace Smith is one of the most promising new authors in the crime thriller genre. He has published seven books, and the Kindle version of them can be purchased on Amazon for a limited-time price of only $0.99. Michael Ace Smith’s first book is Crime: Full Circle which was published on September 22, 2017. This book tells the tale of Detective Ralph Houston who is trying to catch a kidnapping suspect who got away due to lack of evidence. With the beautiful Oahu Beach as the setting, Full Circle is a perfect combination of intense crime story and a flawless-setting description which supports the storyline. His second book is Crime: Revenge is Thicker than Water. It revolves around Alice, a woman who comes back to her hometown for a vacation but ends up finding new leads in...

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