US and China Work Together to Save the World from Armageddon

August 22, 2018

Amid world news headlines dominated by the US-China trade war, readers who love stories of tomb-raiding, fiery dragons and time-travel won’t want to miss The Last Resistance: Dragon Tomb, in which author Ricardo Alexanders pairs an Indiana Jones-style adventure with a historical backdrop. This history-science fiction novel hits the mark for imagination, action, and suspense ? how could a young Chinese archaeologist and an American college professor save the world from an extraterrestrial Armageddon in World War II? When archaeologist Chuan-Jay Hoo becomes a POW in 1939, he's conscripted to work on the excavation of an ancient tomb in China, a process that unearths a secret of alien involvements in human history and the true origin of Chinese civilization. The excavation ends; but China is still in dire need of help. Teamed up with American adventurer Dr. Harry Jones, a close friend of President Roosevelt, Chuan-Jay returns to the...

Dutch Drone Pilot Produces Award-Winning Film of Portugal

August 20, 2018

Sometimes travelers are too busy taking pictures or videos of their surroundings to truly appreciate their environment. That happened to one drone pilot from the Netherlands who used that as motivation — and turned it into an award-winning video. Dutch pilot Zilver Schmitz was the latest winner in the . The 17-year-old pilot’s film “” took home the top prize after voting was open to the community of AirV?z content creators and aerial video enthusiasts. Schmitz said the idea for his film came after he took a trip to Norway last year. During the trip, he became too wrapped up with filming that he forgot to soak up the scenery around him. So with that in mind, he put together another production, this time in Portugal’s island of Madeira.  Using a DJI Mavic Pro for the aerial footage and a Panasonic GH5 for the ground visuals, Schmitz put together the two-minute film and uploaded it to . It was chosen by a team of AirV?z...

The Foundation for Continuing Justice and The Expungement Clearinghouse Are Helping Former Offenders

August 21, 2018

The Foundation for Continuing Justice and The Expungement Clearinghouse are making donations totaling $2,000 to three incredible organizations that support second chances for former offenders and provide job training to disadvantaged people.    Taller San Jose Hope Builders is based in Santa Ana, California.   The non-profit was founded in 1995 by Sister Eileen McNerney,  a member of Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange.   Hope Builders empowers disconnected young people, who are in danger of not reaching their full potential, with the job training and life skills needed to move out of poverty and achieve enduring personal and professional success.  A  $1,000 donation will be made to fund an Amigo Scholarship. The University of Utah College of Law’s Pro Bono Initiative (PBI) is a one-of-a-kind noncredit volunteer program that provides students with the opportunity to build real world problem-solving skills in the service of their...

Want Some Air to launch smart indoor environment sensor on Indiegogo in September

August 21, 2018

New smart and portable indoor environment monitor by Want Some Air promises to safeguard your family from polluted air at home. A crowd-funding campaign to further improve the product is set-up and ready to be launched on September 3. WSA Ltd., an Estonian technology company focused on helping families and health enthusiasts breathe clean air at home, is exalted to share their product on Indiegogo in September. The theO indoor air monitor is designed to evaluate the levels of harmful pollutants found indoors and offer recommendations on how to keep them in check. "Our flagship product, theO, keeps an eye on the indoor environment to be sure the air is good." CEO of WSA Ltd. Rando Rand said. "It's a device that makes sure nothing interferes with your sleep,...

Florida Teen Works to Increase Tourette's Syndrome Awareness

August 20, 2018

Youth Ambassador of the Tourette Association of America educates communities, elected officials, schools, extracurricular programs, and peers about Tourette's and Tic Disorders.Marti Bennett, 17, of Hollywood, Florida has known all her life that few people understand Tourette's Syndrome.  When she was 15, while taking an exam, a misinformed teacher reprimanded her, “Can't you stop making noises?”  That was when it clicked.  She knew she had to make people more aware of Tourette's Syndrome so other kids and teens wouldn't have to go through what she had endured throughout her youth and adolescence.The opportunity to do just that presented itself when Marti learned about the Tourette Association's through her parents, who are members of the Tourette Association and very supportive of their daughter.  Marti applied for the program and was accepted.Marti completed a training course in Washington, DC, and is trained in Tourette's Syndrome...

Dr. Mathew Jenkins' insightful interview to share the keys to his success

August 21, 2018

Dr. Mathew Jenkins invites you to visit his lively and insightful interview in which he answers question based on his buzzed-about  book "Positive Possibilities: My Game Plan for Success." - written to uplift lives. Dr. Mathew Jenkins, DMV, enjoyed a fruitful question-and-answer session on  Thursday while discussing  the ins-and-outs of the simple but provable  truths in his book 'Positive Possibilities: My Game Plan for Success.'The Facebook LIVE event was held in response to the hugely   successful off-line sales campaign that launched  at Tuskegee University  At that event, Dr. Jenkins dedicated the 'First Edition' to  his Alma Mater.   The event was followed by the national launch  held at Bogarts in the Long Beach Convention Centre, Long Beach, California on June 3, 2018.Dr.Jenkins is the product of an  Alabama farm family of 10 siblings, along with a single mother, and a farm where every child... Goes Green

August 20, 2018

We’ve all felt the heat this summer, and now more than ever these temperature rises can be attributed to global warming and man-made climate change.  As a global serviced apartments provider, we recognise that we (like everyone else) have a duty to protect the planet and do our bit to maintain a sustainable environment that ensures the safety of future generations. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and to continually improve our environmental policies as a fundamental part of our business strategy and operating methods.  We have made it our priority to encourage our employees, customers, suppliers and all business associates to apply a greener approach to their daily routine.   To make sure we follow green procedures throughout the day, we have appointed our own green team committee to take us in a greener direction. Their bold ideas are helping us to reduce our own carbon footprint...

The First All-in-One Cryptocurrency

August 20, 2018

The Apollo Foundation has launched the first all-in-one cryptocurrency focused on integrating every useful feature from mainstream cryptocurrencies and combining those with unmatched privacy. After only a few months on the market, Apollo has become the most feature-rich cryptocurrency available and will soon release its second major update, Hermes 1.0, making it one of the fastest cryptocurrencies available. Although there are privacy coins available on the current market, few have been able to create a truly invisible experience. The privacy coins that have delivered some form of privacy have critical issues, such as the user's IP address (physical location) being exposed or no option for a public transaction (critical for mass adoption). These coins are also left with no additional features, such as side chains (token systems), voting, messaging, marketplaces, etc. Certainly not enough to compete with mainstream currencies, such as Ethereum or Ripple. Apollo seeks to...

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Motivational Speaker Randal Lee gives heartwarming response to "Cara Mund's" Letter

August 19, 2018


RealBama Now Exclusive Local Partner with Online Home Value Estimator MoneyInMyHome

August 20, 2018

RealBama has teamed up with online home value estimate provider to bring Tuscaloosa and Northport sellers a much-needed service: accurate, instant home value estimates that take into consideration the home's location, appreciation, and other key market indicators. MoneyInMyHome only partners with one real estate brokerage per market in one or a set of zip codes that have demonstrated the expert use of and reliance on technology, data, and digital marketing to ensure their seller clients get the best, fastest service possible for their home sale. "MoneyInMyHome takes into account data from top providers such as , , and the local real estate market to give sellers a more accurate view of what their home may be worth," says Rebekah Polancich, owner of RealBama Real Estate. "They show you instantly what your home may be worth based on factors such as recent neighborhood appreciation trends and forecasts that most real estate agents and brokers don't...

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