B21 joins the DNA Fund Portfolio

April 25, 2018

The DNA.Fund has expanded its portfolio of promising clients with the addition of cryptoasset portfolio manager. B21 is the world’s first personal wealth manager exclusively focused on cryptoassets. Their aim is to bring cryptoasset investing to the mass market, making investing in cryptoassets easy and available to everyone. The B21 team is  focused on building  a community of global investors to drive growth and adoption of blockchain technologies.   B21 is differentiating itself by developing a platform which makes the currently complex cryptoasset markets easily manageable over a smartphone application. B21 allows customers to invest in cryptoassets like Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS as well as other altcoins using local fiat currency. The company are solving on ramping, user interface and trust issues by launching an easy to use, transparent and regulated service1 targeted at the general public. With the B21 application...

Industry Token Announces New Cryptocurrency and Platform for the Travel, Service and Hospitality Industries

April 25, 2018

Set to launch in late 2018, Industry Token will revolutionize the hospitality industry as we know it by making it easy for businesses to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment and for consumers to spend it on travel, dining, and entertainment. Consumers that use Industry Token will receive rewards and a dedicated travel concierge.  “The hospitality Industry Token will create an ecosystem that drives the use and acceptance of cryptocurrency across all verticals without the risk of volatility, all while delivering a rewarding experience for consumers,” says Varun Villait, CEO and Technical Lead of Industry Token.  The biggest problem with cryptocurrency right now is that the average person does not know how to acquire or spend it. One such example is Coinbase, the most popular cryptocurrency storage platform, which has 27 million active wallets. By comparison, the population of the United States is 323 million people, and that of Europe is...

PAE, Weight Loss Acceleration Program one of the best plans on the market for achieving loss term weight loss goals.

April 25, 2018

The PAE, called in Brazil as “”, or Weight Loss Acceleration Plan, is without a doubt, one of the best product plans on the market when it comes to searching for weight loss programs. Produced by real experts, and as a complement to other successful products, has become so efficient that it is now possible that the Weight Loss Acceleration Plan also works just by itself! Many people have tried other weight loss plans, but to people who have tried PAE, all of them say it’s the only plan that actually works and helps lose weight for long term goals.The Weight Loss Acceleration Plan works by using a very different concept to make people lose weight just by controlling diet alone. Unlike simpler diets and supplements, is a complete system that will offer extremely quick and convenient weight loss. Being a product made by the same importers of Quitoplan and Colastrina products, PAE, is exceptionally effective when used in combination with Quitoplan. Restrictive diets do give...

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5 Year Drone Video of Mexico Wins $1,000 Weekly Contest

April 24, 2018

A Mexican drone pilot used six different drones over a five-year span to create a winning drone video. Tarsicio Sañudo won the weekly contest (and the $1,000 prize) with his video “.” The aerial compilation features more than 30 different locations throughout Mexico and showcases the country’s coastlines, festivals, skylines and natural wonders. Sañudo used six different DJI drones — the Phantom 1, Phantom 2, F450, Inspire 1, Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 Pro — to capture his winning film. , the world’s leading drone video and photography sharing platform, launched the “Drone Video of the Week” contest in which one content creator will be chosen for the weekly USD$1,000 prize. All drone videos uploaded to AirVuz.com are eligible to win. The contest began April 2. The winning video received the most votes in a public poll and beat out four other finalists: “,” “,” “”...


April 25, 2018

Mozaico was visited by CNN last month to conduct a pre-selected interview with GM Chady Tawil. The interview, which was cast on-site at Mozaico’s Lebanon subsidiary, will be aired on CNN as in an upcoming episode of the widely-viewed Traders TV and online program, at 2:30 PM CET on Wednesday, April 25. Q&A was exchanged, while CNN gave GM Chady Tawil the floor to relay valuable business acumen through personal reflections on his direct hand in setting up the delicate art trade, speaking to the widely varying clientele base he caters to in both the US and globally. He also gives the stage to the vast array of mosaic services and designs that Mozaico has to offer all over the world.  Tune in to CNN on Wednesday, April 25 at 2:30 pm CET to view the full capture.  If...

DermaSet Revolutionizing the Anti-Aging Market

April 24, 2018

The founders of DermaSet’s Hollywood Skincare are pleased to extend their 30-day free trial offer of their anti-aging cream. The product, once only available to celebrities, has been released to the public as a Try Before You Buy offer. Customers who opted into the trial have received a full tube of DermaSet’s anti-aging cream. Marie Urina, President of DermaSet, says there is no other company on the market that will offer such a trial.  “Not many companies will let you try a product for 30 days and give you a full refund after you send an empty tube back,” Urina said. “Literally we’re the only company on the market that will let you do that.”  The company’s 30-day trial offer has amassed sales, but Urina doesn’t view increased sales as their real success. 

Early Stage VC Fund, LOUD Capital, Announces Strategic Partnership with Blockchain Development Company, 10XTS

April 23, 2018

Early-stage venture capital firm, LOUD Capital (), has announced a strategic partnership and investment in 10XTS (), a blockchain development company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. LOUD Capital targets portfolio investments in early-stage companies. LOUD Capital has an active portfolio of innovative companies, as well as several industry-specific funds. 10XTS is readying the launch of their flagship product, XDEX, a fintech ecosystem that makes it easy for funds and early-stage companies to issue and trade regulatory-compliant blockchain tokens backed by real-world securities. Fueled by the initial coin offering explosion of 2017, the 10XTS team recognized the evolution of the coin market and anticipated the regulatory scrutiny the blockchain market is now facing. With billions of dollars of investment going into coin offerings, the SEC and CFTC are now increasing pressure on ICO projects in the United States. The XDEX platform is designed as a happy medium between traditional...

Iconic World Powerboat Race Announces Partnership with Powertech Marine

April 24, 2018

The Iconic World Powerboat Race - promoters of next generation powerboat racing and marine motorsports today announced a partnership with Powertech Marine - BRP Evinrude's UK Premium dealership.  Powertech Marine's team includes multiple Powerboat World Record Holder - Keith Whittle who serves as an Iconic World Powerboat Race brand ambassador. Keith is the principle with Powertech's Formula 4 powerboat race team. Powertech Formula 4 will be running a race team at the forthcoming London F1H2O championships in June 15- 17 - with team management being provided by Iconic’s Chief Operating Officer, Eugene Bari.? We are pleased to have this exciting opportunity," said Bari. “It provides huge benefits for both parties by combing daily access to the latest developments in marine engineering with the proven capabilities of the Iconic World Powerboat Race management team.These combined resources are geared to assist...


April 25, 2018

Respiratory Technology Corporation (Restech) announced today the asset acquisition of Mederi Therapeutics Inc. In response to the increasing need for therapeutic options to address the growing conditions of reflux disease and gastric disease, Restech welcomes the addition Stretta® and Secca® technology to their product portfolio. These new innovative product lines complement Restech’s existing diagnostic devices with therapeutic solutions, provide additional clinical pathways, and broaden Restech’s global distribution network.“This acquisition provides a unique opportunity to expand our reach across the clinical spectrum,” says Debra Krahel, CEO, “With the addition of Mederi’s technology and market penetration, and Restech’s established space in the reflux market, these complementary products will address gaps in the clinical continuum.”Stretta (for GERD) and Secca (for...

More than $100 million tax credit available for $15 million

April 25, 2018

Artifact Brokerage Firm LLC has announced the availability of a tax credit valued at more than $100 million for the asking price of $15 million. The D. Jay Culver collection, including more than 4.5 million historical photographs and ephemera, was last purchased in 2006 by its current owner. The collection, which has been organized but only minimally inspected, is now being let go in view of said owner’s advancing age. In addition, 640,000 high-resolution digitized images are included in the sale to buffer an Internal Revenue Service blockage appraisal. Each image is professionally estimated to be worth $100 in labor costs, bringing the collection’s total value to $163.2 million The collection was assessed in August by top fine art photography appraiser Lorraine Anne Davis (), who placed an intrinsic value on it of $99.2 million using the market sales comparison approach. She estimated the lowest and highest market value of random samples in each segment...

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