Revolutionary Portable Workout System to Launch on KickStarter

May 05, 2016

The best inventions evolve from necessity, which remains true when it comes to TritonFit. Mark Indigaro and Robert Scott were Hollywood film producers who were always on the go. They wanted a full-body workout that was effective, easy to travel with and usable in compact spaces. After extensive research and development, the TritonFit prototype was born, and on May 25th, 2016, it will be introduced to the Kickstarter community. TritonFit is a resistance training system that takes away all the excuses. It is only five pounds, can easily fit over the shoulder and into most luggage, and doesn’t require a wall or door jamb to work. Best of all, it provides an extremely effective full-body workout for the on the go lifestyle. Jake Peterson, a former Division 1 football player and elite Los Angeles fitness professional admits, “I’m used to working with hundreds of pounds in the gym in order to achieve a workout. Coming in to use TritonFit, I was a little...

Canopway Style Launched Its Unique Baby Car Seat Cover For A Care-Free Travel With Babies

May 03, 2016

Babies are quite delicate and are prone to get affected by dust, sun, noise and many more other things. While travelling with a baby, these issues can become much more prominent and thus it is always a worrying factor. To keep babies safe from all these factors and to provide a care-free drive, Canopway Style has launched its premium baby car seat covers. These stylish car seat canopies are created from high quality material and designed to fit any car seat size. “We have come across many parents who feel worried about the factors like noise, sun, dust and bugs while travelling which can affect their babies. So we wished to come up with a product that could be a perfect solution to these worries in a comfortable and stylish manner”, the company officials said. They added, “Our Canopway Style premium car seat canopy is our answer to all such worries and we are glad that we are getting positive feedbacks from our growing customer base.” Reportedly,...

Independent Filmmakers Showcase Hosts The West Coast Premiere For Horror Feature Film Agnation

January 01, 1970

the feature film debut of writer and director Dan Swift coming off a successful world premiere at Motor City Nightmares, will have its West Coast Premiere at The (IFS) on Wednesday May 25th at 2:30 pm at the Pacific Theaters at The Grove.   Agnation is the story of a freshly minted real estate agent who along with a close friend purchases a house sight unseen at auction for a quick flip to cover the costs of her sick mother’s medical expenses. Things take a turn for the worse when the run into the previous owners who have a pressing family need of their own.  Agnation is described as a gritty, fast paced, brutal, old school blood bath harkening back to the shocking, social commentary filled independent horror films of the 70s but paced for a modern movie audience.  Filmmaker Statement – Dan Swift I have wanted to make movies for as long as I can remember, and when I finally took the chance, I...

US Green Card Office announces the winner results for the 2015 (DV-2017) Green Card Lottery

May 03, 2016

All Green Card Lottery applicants that submitted there Green Card Lottery application in October 2015 for the DV-2017 Program has now been selected. The lucky winners can now check if they have been selected online on If you did not apply you can now apply for the upcoming Green Card Lottery on  Every year in the US Department of States annual Green Card Lottery (Diversity Visa Program) between 100,000 and 125,000 applications are selected as winners and up to 55,000 Green Cards (Permanent Residency Visas) are issued to new immigrants from all over the world. The US Green Card Office is the original Green Card lottery service, providing all of the information needed to enter the DIVERSITY VISA LOTTERY. The organization has recently announced the deadline for the upcoming DV-2018 Green Card Lottery is in October 2016 and is encouraging all potential applicants to sign up now. For most people, winning a Green Card would be a dream...

Bellyfeel transmedia collaboration wins Learning on Screen award

May 03, 2016

Bolton Storyworld, a transmedia thriller that was a collaboration between Bellyfeel and the University of Bolton, wins the Premier Award in the Learning on Screen Awards 2016. The project was produced by Bolton University students. Bellyfeel, a transmedia production company, was on hand with guidance and consultancy throughout the project. The end result was “,” a story that takes place entirely on an audience member’s smartphone and includes video, SMS, phone calls and websites. Audience members are dropped into the action as characters. Students are going missing and they might be next. The is the only UK award for media production in teaching, learning and research. Bolton Storyworld was nominated for the Educational Multimedia Award. The winners were announced at a ceremony in London on 28th April. “When we didn’t win in our category we thought the night was over for us,” Bellyfeel founder Krishna Stott...

Scientific Breakthrough Produces a "Left-Handed Golf Ball"™ Innovative golf ball company, Left Wing, has finally developed a left-handed golf ball.

May 04, 2016

Left-handed golfers have been discriminated against for far too long. While left-handed clubs were developed many decades ago, they are of little use if you're using right-handed balls. Finally after many years of painstaking, intensive research involving the physics of golf ball design and flight, including air resistance, drag, the Magnus Force, and all other relevant factors, Left Wing scientists have perfected the formula for a golf ball that achieves optimum performance when hit by a left-handed golfer. Left Wing is all about fairness and equality. There is nothing fair or equal about left-handers not having their own golf balls. It’s time to end the right-handed bias. Left Wing scientists have solved the eternal problem of "Golf Ball Inequality". The revolutionary balls come with a caution: “Use by right-handers not recommended.” The company lets Republican golfers know that “these balls tend to lean to the left”.

Mathy Wasserman Selected as Elite Ambassador to Global Travel Marketplace

May 04, 2016

Travel Weekly and TravelAge West are proud to announce that professional travel advisor Mathy Wasserman of Cruise Planners, an American Express Travel Representative, was selected to attend a Global Travel Marketplace (GTM) event as a 2016 GTM Ambassador. Ambassadors are a very select group, chosen for their ability to grow and expand their travel business as a result of their first time participation in a GTM event in 2015. Over the course of two-and-a-half days, GTM connects top-producing travel advisors in North America with leading cruise, hotel, tour and destination suppliers through one-on-one appointments, Boardroom presentations and numerous networking events. GTM West takes place at the Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona, May 4-6, 2016, followed by its sister event, GTM, held at the Diplomat Resort and Spa in Hollywood/ Fort Lauderdale, Florida, August 21-23, 2016. Over 800 applications are received for the approximate 160 spots...

Locker for towels with anti-theft system introduced

May 03, 2016

Guests while packing their bags and checking out of hotels often tempts to grab some extra things or their primary attention would include a towel. This is considered as a linen theft. If guests are caught then the case is handled by the law or they just have to swipe their card to pay for the stuff. Guests expect to take things with themselves like soap, shampoo, and stationery, etc. however they are welcome to take the toiletries, but things like towels, dryers, lamps, remotes, bedsheets, and other linen stuff are not for tucking in the luggage. All of the stolen stuff cost more than the charges of the room and definitely the hotels go for a loss. Managers and owners are tired of renewing the things. Do not think that hotel possession are a gift for the guest of the hotel. They are being used again after laundering. Many cases have been reported, and many visitors have been caught in the case of so, for this Fresh US have developed a technology which provides an efficient...

Street The Movie Sells Out on In Three Days - #1 Seller - Mark Ryan (Black Sails- Transformers) and Beau "Casper" Smart Star in a “Rocky meets Bloodsport” MMA Film!

May 03, 2016

Mark Ryan and Beau "Casper" Smart star in the new fueled MMA movie - Street - which sold out online at in three days. More copies are now available online and you can purchase in Walmart stores nationwide as well as on Street outsold 60 million dollar Hollywood films that were also available online. Street is a film that should not be missed by any Black Sails, Transformers and MMA fans. Mark Ryan best known as “Quartermaster Gates” in the Starz hit Series Black Sails and the voices of ,  and  in the Michael Bay hit movie series, Transformers. Ryan gives an amazing performance as URI a Russian mobster. It also features MMA icon Frank Trigg,...

Body Rub Web Application Released in Multiple Cities

May 03, 2016

, a web based software for sensual massage services, is announcing its official release after 14 months of development. Both providers and seekers of massage and body rub services can enjoy the mobile friendly and feature rich application to link up in several major US cities. The service was built by Chicago based web firm, , to provide an easy to use interface for users on both sides of the fence. ‘I noticed there were quite a few listing solutions for body rubs and sensual massage services, but they were all really really bad,’ says lead developer and owner Chris Maloney. There were also very few solutions for rating and reviewing massage providers, and RubRatings attempts to solve that issue. Notable features include: A smooth and simple interface that’s mobile friendly Users can favorite and hide listings based on preference A review system allows users to share a star rating,...

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