DigivibeMX® - The Next Generation Portable Vibration Analyzer…

April 24, 2019

Portable Vibration Analysis will never be the same. 

The team is proud to announce the latest improvements in the award winning DigivibeMX platform. The wired interface and wireless interface deliver the greatest amount of flexibility for portable vibration analysis and dynamic balancing in the industry. The and interfaces are the only standard 4 channel wired, and wireless vibration analysis solutions available standard industry wide.

Capable of full Microsoft Windows® and iOS® operating system support the and are technically superior, cost effective solutions utilizing off the shelf hardware.

Cloud Based Analytics & File Sharing Flexibility.

The DigivibeMX suite of hardware and software continues to power entire platform of products including the newly released enterprise cloud analytics and file sharing product. 

Users can easily and efficiently create entire machinery databases, plan and create routes, establish alarms, identify machine diagnostic learning routines, and complete full featured fault reporting within the DigivibeMX® software or on the cloud. Then that information can be quickly deployed and shared with users in the field for data collection using the or combined with a Windows® tablet or iOS® device such as an iPad® or iPhone®.