Necessitae Announces The Release Of QuitoPlan, A Natural Fat-Blocker That Speeds Up Metabolism

April 26, 2018

Losing weight is one of the biggest concerns of modern people. As our lifestyle has become more sedentary with the spreading of office work and the time to prepare healthy food has been drastically cut, many people find themselves without the option of living a healthy life. This has greatly increased the appearance of obesity and overweight problems.

A solution to the weight loss problem for people with slow metabolism and for those who do not exercise regularly is represented by QuitoPlan, a product recently released by Necessitae company. is a product comprised of intelligent fibers which absorb and eliminate fat, and prevent its delayed storage.

Doctors and nutritionists recommend the substances of the QuitoPlan Formula for their unique work of isolation and stabilization. The fibers present in Native American Plants in conjunction with the Deepwater Crustacean Shell are used within QuitoPlan. When the formula comes in contact with the human body, it turns into a Penetrating Gel that absorbs excess fat, eliminating it along with the feces.

has been reviewed by several clinics and health foundations, including Marie Claire, R7, Mdemulher and Mundo Boa Forma. Marie Claire noted that "... When the formula enters the stomach, it swells like a sponge with gel consistency, producing a sensation of satiety, making the person eat less ....". R7 foundation said that “... It is a wild card for those who want to lose weight. It improves the functioning of the intestine, fights bad cholesterol and gives satiety, besides controlling gluttony ...".

Average clients such as Ingrid Ramos, Ana Miyuki, Ricardo Pessoa and Renata Paiva have also tested the product, each of them managing to shed between 8kgs and 23kgs within few months. These results have been achieved with normal eating, not having to resort to restrictive diets or complicated workout plans. Ricardo P said “I'm really enjoying this QuitoPlan. I lost 12 kilos and I did not have to go without eating. For those who are trying to lose weight. Do not give up!! I tried everything and I screwed up. But I'm getting there, just with QuitoPlan and right food. I recommend this product to everyone”.

The main benefits of QuitoPlan are:

   • Absorption and elimination of fat
The QuitoPlan goes into action immediately as it reaches the stomach, helping to absorb and eliminate much of the fat ingested daily.

   • Metabolism acceleration
QuitoPlan helps your body achieve thermogenesis, contributing to the accelerated burning of fat.

   • Appetite control
The QuitoPlan forms a gel that begins to absorb fat soon in the stomach, which provides a feeling of satiety, even from the first capsule.

   • Intestine regulation
As the QuitoPlan Formula has a Smart Fiber concentrate, your intestine will start to work in the right way, also aiding in fat burning.

QuitoPlan can be ordered in 700g pill bottles, starting from only R$19,78 per bottle. More details can be found on


About Necessitae

Necessitae is a Brazilian company dedicated to nutrition, wellness and weight loss. They own different slimming and detoxification products, which are safe, based on natural ingredients, and thoroughly tested to ensure optimum results.


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